Sri Chinmoy


Spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy dedicated his life to the goal of world peace.

jap8 (1) Born in Bengal, India, in 1931, and immersed from infancy in a deeply spiritual and loving family atmosphere, Sri Chinmoy spent his youth in a progressive spiritual community (ashram) in South India. There he meditated, wrote poetry, essays and devotional songs and excelled in athletics.

In 1964, heeding an inner command, he came to New York to share his inner wealth with spiritual seekers of the West. His childhood and youth experiences and training made him a spiritual teacher for the modern age. In the 46 years of work in the West, Sri Chinmoy offered boundless inspiration to people in America and worldwide through meditation, his creative endeavors in the form of music compositions, poetry, essays and paintings, athletics and humanitarian projects.

Sri Chinmoy has studied as well as experienced the world’s great religions, and has embraced the wisdom and light of each one. Students of religious philosophy will see in Sri Chinmoy’s writings the highest truths discovered by the seers, saints and sages of every religious tradition throughout the ages. The philosophy expressed in his writings comes from his personal inner explorations and his sublime encounters. He also draws from his spiritual identification with the sad and happy experiences of human beings.

Sri Chinmoy left the world in October 2007. His creative, peace-loving and humanitarian endeavors are carried on worldwide by his students, who practice meditation and strive to serve the world in accordance to his timeless teachings.



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