Free Meditation Classes in Ann Arbor


Since 1994 the Sri Chinmoy Centre of Ann Arbor has been offering free meditation classes as a community service.

Ann Arbor – Fall 2022:
No classes have been organized yet for this Fall. Information will be available soon.

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  • For more information and/or to register please contact Kapila at 734-994-7114 or email


Brief summary of the classes

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Mastering Meditation – part I

Introductory meditation series.

Topics include:

  • meditation, what is it?
  • How do I get started?
  • How do I quiet my mind?
  • How can I relax?
  • The essentials of meditation.
  • Concentration, breathing and chanting techniques.

Mastering Meditation – part II

Having introduced the basics of meditation in part I, we will proceed to explore a meditative lifestyle; achieving self-awareness through meditation; bringing meditation to our outer world; basics of Eastern philosophy. Techniques include: visualization, meditation on positive qualities, meditative musics and singing.

Yoga and Meditation

Meditation is part of a broader picture: the Yoga philosophy. Developed by the ancient Indian rishis (seers) thousands of years ago, the Yoga philosophy applies still to our modern life. Along with meditation techniques, the class will explore the sheaths of the body, vital, mind and heart, and the concept and evolution of the soul. (This is not a Hatha Yoga class)

Ayurveda and Meditation

Ayurveda and Meditation share the same goal: to regain the lost connection with our true nature and thus achieve the body-vital-mind balance that brings about harmony and happiness in life. Rooted in ancient India, Ayurveda awakens in us the wisdom that leads to vibrant health and realization of our full potential.

Ayurveda – Wisdom of Life

Introduction to the principles of Ayurveda. Topics include: Ayurveda’s ancient roots; Ayurveda as a philosophy of life; basics of Ayurveda; discovering our Ayurveda constitution; secrets of a balanced living; the mind in Ayurveda; awareness and conscious living.